P1.Written warning from Slack Moderator/Investigation Leader/Executive Team along with 20 Hours deduction from the crew center along with suspension from flying for the VA for One week’s time.

P2.Written warning from Executive team along with 50 hours of deduction from flying time from crew centre and hold off promotion for a week’s time along with suspension flying for the VA for 2 weeks’ time.

P3.No prior written warning, the executive team will block the respective pilot’s CC access without his/her consent and one month’s time probation period will be enforced along with deduction of 200 hours of flying time from the VA, during this deduction of the pilot’s total flying time if found that the hours flown runs into negative of the respective pilot, his access to the VA will be terminated forever.

P4.No prior writing/consent/warning from the Executive Team, straight removal from the VA, along with a proper reasoning with the permanent termination of his/her contract with AIVA and report of the same to be conveyed to IFVARB.

i.All the above penal codes to be acknowledged only if the respective pilots found to be guilty with enough proofs with the Staff team.
ii.The pilot has THE right to appeal for not guilty, only if the decision was made by SM, the judgement given by the Executive Team will be final.
iii.The above penalties apply in very serious/concerning cases and will not be used for any minor issue/cases.
iv.The above Penal Codes will apply in regards to the rules and regulations clearly mentioned in the Pilot Handbook Manual.